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Rudraksha based on Zodiac Sign

Aries (Mesh/मेष) 11 Mukhi & 3 Mukhi BUY
Taurus (Vrishabh/वृषभ) 13 Mukhi & 6 Mukhi BUY
Gemini (Mithun/मिथुन) 10 Mukhi & 4 Mukhi BUY
Cancer (Kark/कर्क) 2 Mukhi & Gauri Shankar BUY
Leo (Sinh/सिंह) 12 Mukhi & 1 Mukhi BUY
Virgo (Kanya/कन्या) 10 Mukhi & 4 Mukhi BUY
Libra (Tula/तुला) 13 Mukhi & 6 Mukhi BUY
Scorpio (Vrishchik/वृश्चिक) 11 Mukhi & 3 Mukhi BUY
Sagittarius (Dhanu/धनु) 11 Mukhi & 5 Mukhi BUY
Capricorn (Makar/मकर) 14 Mukhi & 7 Mukhi BUY
Pisces (Meen/मीन) 11 Mukhi & 5 Mukhi BUY
Aquarius (Kumbh/कुम्भ) 14 Mukhi & 7 Mukhi BUY

Rudraksha Summary

  • Rudraksha is an ancient tool for inner transformation.
  • The Beads of Rudraksha are for every person.
  • Rudrakshas enhance the overall well-being of the wearer.
  • Wearing Rudraksha gemstones neutralizes any unfavorable effects.
  • Different faces (mukh) of Rudraksha signify respective planetary influence and energy patterns.
  • There is no harm in wearing Rudrakshas.
  • Natural Rudrakshas are soaked with Divine energies that assist persons from every aspect of life, any age, Gender, Field of work, religious inclination etc.

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