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Green Onyx

Green Onyx, commonly known as Sulemani in Hindi, is a green colored semi-precious astrological gemstone associated with Mercury (Buddha) planet. Green Onyx has immeasurable benefits including financial, educational and medical success.

Green Onyx

Can I wear Green Onyx ?

Green Onyx is the birthstone for Gemini and Virgo sun sign, and is ruled by Planet Mercury. Usually, Green Onyx is used as an astrological substitute for Emerald (Panna) Gemstone, and it has in-numerable spiritual and healing benefits for its wearer.

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Combination to be done with Green Onyx :-

Normally, Silver is used for Green Onyx Ring, Pendant or Bracelet. Green Onyx should be worn on the index finger of left hand. Gold, Panch dhatu & astha dhatu can also be used for making Green Onyx rings, pendant or bracelet.

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Relax, if you cannot do the Pran pratishtha procedure of the gemstone by yourself, we at MyRatna will do it for you according to the genuine Vedic Scriptures at no cost.

To revitalize the gemstone dip it in salty water for 1 hour in every three months and again wear according to the above mentioned time.

What Will I Gain By Wearing Green Onyx Gemstone? 

Green Onyx Gemstone has in-numerable healing physical and emotional problems. It helps it’s wearer to cope with their physical problems, the green onyx deals with physical impairments such as nervous breakdown, leucoderma, impotence, abdomen-related diseases, treating eyes, nose, and nervous system, keep up the blood pressure, and treating skin disease.

NOTE : Prices may vary according to the scope of availability of the rough in nature and market as well as Government Policies.

Quality of Green Onyx Gemstone:-

Green Onyx gemstone should have minimum visible inclusions and the color should be uniform and pure. An unheated and chemically untreated natural Green Onyx should be considered for astrological proposal.

According to the latest technological advancement the Science of Symmetry is followed by MyRatna to harness all the natural benefits of the gemstone.

Green Onyx Stone Product Specifications :-

Green onyx commonly known as Sulemani is basically a Quartz mineral species gemstone which comes in green colour.

Green Onyx Product Properties :-

Chemical Composition :- SiO2 (Silicon dioxide)

Crystal System :- Trigonal

Crystal Habit :- Aggregate

Cause of colour :- Chromium

Hardness :- 7 on Moh's scale

Specific Gravity :- 2.58-2.62(Chalcedony)

Refractive Index :- 1.530 - 1.539 (mean 1.53)

Inclusions :- Bands, moss-like, fibres.

Origin :- India, Brazil, USA, Africa, Sri Lanka, Australia

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Which Green Onyx Should I Buy?

Ideally, the weight of Green Onyx stone should be 1/10th carat of your body weight. The stone should have no inclusions, with even and uniform color. It should be natural without any chemical treatment.

What is the Substitute for Green Onyx?

As mentioned earlier, Green Onyx gemstone is generally used as a substitute for Emerald gemstones, thus there is no substitute for Stone.


" Green Onyx "


Green Onyx Gemstone belongs to Quartz crystals and is naturally obtained from rocks. Its hardness is around 7. Green Onyx is a variation Onyx stone with beneficial Astrological significance and is associated with the planet Mercury. It has a very smooth texture, and a combination of the green and Onyx slide having various properties and characteristics.

It is said that Onyx brings good fortune and spiritual encouragement.

From the prehistoric age, the Green Onyx Gemstones has been used in jewelry because of its rich looking attribute.

Yemen, Uruguay, Brazil, Germany, India and US are top production sites of Green Onyx in the world.


Healing properties:

Onyx is a great stone which helps to get rid of all negative perceptivity. It helps to you to move forward from all kind of sorrow, grief, depression. It improves your self-confidence. Onyx is popularly used to improve eye, hair, nail, kidney and system. The most important part is Onyx has the ability for opening the chakras.

The Green Onyx meaning is physical healing. Green Onyx is associated with Heart Chakra and the planet Mercury. It helps to develop your public speaking ability, creativeness and also encourage you to express your feelings and thoughts. This stone creates a bridge between the upper three chakras and lower three chakras.

The Green Onyx is the symbol of restfulness and purity. This green soothing stone has the power to relief you all worries, tension, stress and fears. It is believed to provide a positive feeling, strong mental support and helps to take wise decisions during your difficulties. This soothing gemstone is related with love, affection, and friendship and also enhances proximity sensuality and sexuality.

·        Green Onyx is associated with your heart chakra and with the planet Mercury. It will create a bridge between your upper and lower chakras.

“Green Onyx will also improve your skills in public speaking, and it will also inspire you to express your thoughts and feelings openly and confidently.”

·        Green Onyx carries the energies of physical healing. It also represents growth, abundance, and material success.

·        It will bring you energies of youth and fertility. It will also strengthen your sense of balance, your physical endurance, and the bonds of your friendships.

·        It will make way for growth and renewal, and it will encourage you to become a more dependable person.

·        The green color of Green Onyx symbolizes your brain power and intelligence.

·        It will enhance your intuition, intelligence, and communication skills.

Green Onyx and Wealth

·        Green Onyx can also be very beneficial when your job requires you to face the public and interact with people on a daily basis.

·        It will boost your confidence and improve your communication skills.

·        It will inspire you to say the right words in any given situation and be more sympathetic to others.

“Green Onyx will also improve your concentration and increase your focus.”

·        It will help you concentrate on the work that you need to do and whatever task you have to undertake.

·        It will boost your intelligence and sharpen your memory. It will also enhance your ability to learn new things.

·        Green Onyx will remove all your doubts about yourself that are preventing you from going after your dreams.

·        It will make you more enthusiastic about the work that you’re doing and the journeys that you are undertaking.

Green Onyx, Love and Relationships

“Green Onyx is associated with your heart chakra, and it will open your heart to unconditional love. It will infuse you with energies of compassion, love, and acceptance.”

·        It will also inspire you to be more sensitive to the needs of the people you love so that you can avoid conflicts and misunderstandings.

·        This stone will infuse you with courage so that you will be able to stand up for yourself when you’ve been wronged, or when you need to right a wrong.

·        It will embolden you to take control of your own life and make your own decisions.

·        It will also improve and enhance the intimacy in your relationship. It will unleash your sensuality and encourage you to be more romantic and affectionate to your significant other.

·        Green Onyx will help you learn your lessons in love and give you the confidence and the wisdom to do the right thing.

·        It will give you the strength to make the change needed to improve your relationship.

·        This stone will help you become at ease in your surroundings and heal from your old pains and sorrows.

·        The healing energies of this stone will help you accept the truths in your life and let go of the things that you no longer can control.

·        Green Onyx will help you overcome your fears and get rid of your worries. It will inspire you to make wise decisions that will change your life for the better.

·        It will strengthen your sense of self-control and anchor you to more stable and grounded energies.

·        Even if you’re experiencing the most challenging times in your personal life, you will be alright, and you will know with certainty that things will work out in the end.

·        It’s a stone that will hold all your secrets and give you the emotional support that you need when you’re going through tough times.

·        It will be very beneficial in healing your emotional trauma and infusing you with energies of confidence and optimism.

How to Use Green Onyx for the Best Results

·        Hold a piece of Green Onyx in your hands to soothe your overwhelming emotions. It will also help in easing your anxieties and strengthening your perspective on life and love.

·        Wear a Green Onyx necklace to bring back your focus and help resolve your relationship disputes. It will also support you in easing sexual tensions.

·        By simply holding the stone or wearing it as jewelry, you will be able to release your tensions. It will release your stress, frustrations, and other negative thoughts and emotions.

·        Green Onyx is widely known for its abilities to attract positive energies and to repel negative energies.

·        It’s a highly recommended stone when you feel like you’re stuck in a rut or in a cycle of negativity.

“By simply holding this stone in your hands, it will make you want to get out of the dark place that you’re in. Its warm and supportive energies will help you take the first step!”

·        Green Onyx will hold the memories of your life experiences, and it will help you keep your own counsel.

·        When this stone is close to your personal auric fields, you can heal from your old injuries and from your physical and emotional wounds that are affecting your current life.

·        Wear Green Onyx for inner strength and discipline. It will also surround you with protection from all kinds of harm.

Meditation with Green Onyx

·        Green Onyx is a very special stone that can establish a direct connection with your heart chakra and hence open up a lot of possibilities for you and soul when you meditate with it.

·        Not only does it have the potential to make your heart cleaner and lightweight by taking away all the burdens on it but it also allows you to feel extreme love and affection for everyone around you.

·        Meditating with Green Onyx will also help you connect all of the chakras of your body and create harmony between upper chakras and lower chakras to give you a perfect spiritual balance.

·        If you’ve always struggled to get your message across to people then Green Onyx will enable to become very articulate and help you put your thoughts into words very easily.

·        This will help you communicate a lot better with everyone and this will help you immensely in your work environment where you have to communicate with others and be part of an entire group.

·        Meditating with Green Onyx will also make you understand the importance of bonds and friendships so that you hold the relationships you have with the ones closest to you very dear.

·        Doing so will enable you to spend a lot more time with your loved ones and not trade in your personal time with work time because a satisfying private life is vital for a human being to be happy.

·        By bringing in the energies of success into your life, Green Onyx will help you take charge of more and more situations that require your immediate attention.

“Meditating with Green Onyx will enable you to have great luck when it comes to trying to manifest your dreams and ambitions into reality, all you have to do is wait and see what opportunities spark the most excitement within you.”

·        By ridding your mind and heart of all sorts of negativity and burdens, Green Onyx enables you to relax even when you have an immensely hectic routine.

·        Your mind will always be at ease which will help you make the best decisions in life and always achieve what you’ve wanted to achieve with great finesse and ease.

·        By giving you a sense of self-confidence, Green Onyx can act as a great enhancer of one’s belief in their own abilities and strengths.

·        This confidence will be your key to achieving greatness as people respond to nothing better than confidence and with great confidence in yourself, you can make everyone else believe in you quite easily as well.

·        Meditating with Green Onyx will not only benefit you spiritually but will also help boost your life force and physical abilities so that you become a lot stronger.

·        You will feel a certain enhancement in what you can do physically, especially when it comes to stamina because that will increase immensely with the help of this stone.

·        Green Onyx will help you always stand your ground and remind you that you’re not alone in this world and that the divine realm is constantly looking after you and your interests.

The Power of Green Onyx

·        Green Onyx is a symbol of purity and restfulness. It has the power to relieve you of your worries, fears, tension, and stress.

·        Its green soothing color will give you strong and positive feelings, and it will give you the mental support that you need to make the wisest decisions during times of difficulty.

·        Green Onyx is a stone that you should have if you want to enhance the state of your love life.

·        It will also improve the level of intimacy, sensuality, and sexuality in your relationship.

·        It will center your energies and align them with your higher power. It will also show you how you can access higher guidance.

·        It will get rid of the obstacles on your path and bring you forward to the future.

·        This stone will help you harness your personal strength and show you how you can be a master of your destiny.

·        This stone will promote steadfastness, and it will give you more stamina and vigor to keep going forward.

·        It will help you recognize your dualities and integrate them within yourself. Green Onyx will also balance the yin and yang energies in your body!

Cleaning Onyx Gemstones

·        Cleaning onyx jewelry is pretty straightforward: Just use a soft, dry cloth or a soft brush to wipe any dirt off your gemstones.

·        You can also use a little water to moisten the cloth and make the cleaning easier.

·        Don’t wet the stone or soak it in water, however, as onyx is porous and absorbs liquids easily.

·        After the cleaning, dry the stone with a soft cloth.

·        What to Avoid When Cleaning Onyx

·        Since onyx is very absorbent, you should not use any cleaning chemicals on it as they may seep into the stone and cause it to change its color.

Note: Before you buy any gemstone, please refer to Video to get the best idea of its Cut, Color & Clarity

MyRatna Collection

Green Onyx - 5.56 Carat Prime Quality GO-13091 - MyRatna

Green Onyx - 5.56 Carat Prime Quality GO-13091

Wt.(Carats) 5.56
Price/Carat 250
Total Price 1390
Green Onyx - GO 13012 Prime - Quality - MyRatna

Green Onyx - GO 13012 Prime - Quality

Wt.(Carats) 1.20
Price/Carat 190
Total Price 228
Green Onyx - GO 13005 Prime - Quality - MyRatna

Green Onyx - GO 13005 Prime - Quality

Wt.(Carats) 1.04
Price/Carat 190
Total Price 197
Green Onyx - GO 13031 Prime - Quality - MyRatna

Green Onyx - GO 13031 Prime - Quality

Wt.(Carats) 2.74
Price/Carat 190
Total Price 521
Green Onyx - GO 13029 Prime - Quality - MyRatna

Green Onyx - GO 13029 Prime - Quality

Wt.(Carats) 1.34
Price/Carat 190
Total Price 255
Green Onyx - GO 13023 Prime - Quality - MyRatna

Green Onyx - GO 13023 Prime - Quality

Wt.(Carats) 4.02
Price/Carat 253
Total Price 1017
Green Onyx - GO 13022 Prime - Quality - MyRatna

Green Onyx - GO 13022 Prime - Quality

Wt.(Carats) 4.93
Price/Carat 253
Total Price 1247
Green Onyx - GO 13021 Prime - Quality - MyRatna

Green Onyx - GO 13021 Prime - Quality

Wt.(Carats) 1.68
Price/Carat 190
Total Price 320
Green Onyx - GO 13018 Prime - Quality - MyRatna

Green Onyx - GO 13018 Prime - Quality

Wt.(Carats) 1.53
Price/Carat 190
Total Price 291
Green Onyx - GO 13011 Prime - Quality - MyRatna

Green Onyx - GO 13011 Prime - Quality

Wt.(Carats) 1.19
Price/Carat 190
Total Price 226
Green Onyx - GO 13084 (Origin-India )Prime - Quality - MyRatna

Green Onyx - GO 13084 (Origin-India )Prime - Quality

Wt.(Carats) 10
Price/Carat 319
Total Price 3190
Green Onyx - GO 13082 (Origin-India )Prime - Quality - MyRatna

Green Onyx - GO 13082 (Origin-India )Prime - Quality

Wt.(Carats) 9.22
Price/Carat 319
Total Price 2941
Green Onyx - GO 13078 (Origin-India )Prime - Quality - MyRatna

Green Onyx - GO 13078 (Origin-India )Prime - Quality

Wt.(Carats) 7.59
Price/Carat 319
Total Price 2421
Green Onyx - GO 13076 (Origin-India )Prime - Quality - MyRatna

Green Onyx - GO 13076 (Origin-India )Prime - Quality

Wt.(Carats) 8.19
Price/Carat 319
Total Price 2613
Green Onyx - GO 13075 (Origin-India )Prime - Quality - MyRatna

Green Onyx - GO 13075 (Origin-India )Prime - Quality

Wt.(Carats) 7.96
Price/Carat 319
Total Price 2539
Green Onyx - GO 13072 (Origin-India )Prime - Quality - MyRatna

Green Onyx - GO 13072 (Origin-India )Prime - Quality

Wt.(Carats) 5.04
Price/Carat 319
Total Price 1608
Green Onyx - GO 13069 (Origin-India )Prime - Quality - MyRatna

Green Onyx - GO 13069 (Origin-India )Prime - Quality

Wt.(Carats) 4.67
Price/Carat 220
Total Price 1027
Green Onyx - GO 13068 (Origin-India )Prime - Quality - MyRatna

Green Onyx - GO 13068 (Origin-India )Prime - Quality

Wt.(Carats) 4.59
Price/Carat 220
Total Price 1010


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