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Hematite (Atmaratna)

Hematite is a semi-precious gemstone which is heavy and found in all sizes. Structurally similar to that of a human brain, it usually occurs in red and grey colour. It is a grounding and protecting stone. Because of its rich iron content, it is used to regulate blood flow in the body. Hematite is the gemstone of spiritual attainment and soul enrichment. The power of Hematite can provide you the attainment of WILL POWER and the ability to influence others in positive way.

Hematite (Atmaratna)

Who Should Wear Hematite Gemstone ?

People who are suffering from physical injuries like cramps or bones issues can wear it. One can also wear it to control blood pressure in the body.

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Procedure of Wearing a Moonstone :-

Time & Day :- There is no specific time and day to wear Hematite for getting desired results as it is not an astrological stone.

Metal :- One can go for either Silver or Gold.

Weight & Size :- Minimum 10 Carat.

How to Wear :- One can wear it as a Pendant or Bracelet or Ring.

Benefits of Hematite:-

It is strongly recommended that people who want to keep a check on their blood pressure should wear it in the form of Pendant/ Ring/ Bracelet.

  • Atmaratna is known to provide natural attraction to the wearer
  • Atmaratna Protects from evil eyes
  • Atmaratna Induces a moderate hypnotizing effect
  • Atmaratna prevents blood clotting and aids circulatory system.
  • Atmaratna can also be used to get relief in physical injuries.
  • Atmaratna helps to reach the higher levels of spiritualism and balancing the yang element.
  • This stone removes negativity and blocks negative energies in the wearer's life.
  • If one is facing any legal complications, they can use Hematite for help.
  • Atmaratna is a beneficial stone to overcome obsessions and addictions like smoking, alcohol addiction etc.

NOTE : Prices may vary according to the scope of availability of the rough in nature and market as well as Government Policies.

Quality of Hematite:-

  • Best quality Hematite deposits are found in Italy, UK, Africa, Argentina, Sweden, Australia, Britain, Canada, Brazil and Switzerland.
  • Hematite crystals if occurring naturally can be found in tabular form or as rosettes.
  • They can also be found as impurities in Quartz crystals.

Hematite Stone Product Specifications :-

Haematite commonly known as Atma Ratna and is an Iron Oxide Mineral Species which is widely used as protective gemstone and talisman. It is generally available in Silvery grey or black color with good shine.

Hematite Product Properties:

Content :- Iron oxide, Fe2O3

Crystal System :-Trigonal (compact form of muscular mass)

Crystal Habit :- Platy

Hardness :- 5.5 to 6.5 on Moh’s scale

Specific Gravity :- 4.95 to 5.16

Refractive Index :- 2.94 to 3.22

Origin :India, Brazil, etc.

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1. What are Some Major Benefits of Using Hematite Stone?

  • It is very beneficial for people dealing in mining, gemology and ore industries.
  • It tunes the body, mind and spirit of the human body.
  • It helps in increasing the willpower and improves the confidence of a person.

2. Why Should You Buy Hematite Gemstone?

Hematite is a popular semi-precious gemstone. It has the same qualities as other precious gemstones. Semi-precious gemstones lack few characteristics of the precious gemstone, but they are comparatively cheaper and are good alternatives to precious gemstones.


" Hematite "

Hematite is a gemstone form of iron oxide. It is the principal ore of iron and one of the few gemstones that exhibits a metallic luster. Hematite is typically blackish-gray to silver-gray black to steel or silver-gray, brown to reddish brown, or red in color.

Hematite can be found in numerous localities around the world. Some of the more significant sources include Minas Gerais, Brazil; Cumbria, England and Elba, Italy.

Morocco, South Africa, Bangladesh, China, New Zealand, the Czech Republic and the United States (Minnesota, Michigan, Arizona and New York) are also known to produce fine quality hematite.


·        The name hematite is derived from the Greek word haimatites for blood.

·        Hematite (iron ore) is a very common mineral on Earth and it also occurs everywhere on the planet Mars where it is responsible for the planet's distinctive red color. It was first identified on Mars by the Thermal Emission Spectrometer (TES), aboard Mars Global Surveyor.

·        It’s this protective quality that really distinguishes hematite among other precious stones and crystals. With it, you can’t help but feel intrinsically connected to your inner well of confidence.

“It is best known for its positive effects in business and career fields, but it can also be helpful in your romantic relationships, your family life, your spiritual development, and your general perspective towards yourself.”

·        Hematite was used as red chalk for some of the earliest writing in human history. The first use of hematite is estimated to have been around 164,000 years ago. Red chalk mines dating back to 5000 BC have been found in Poland and Hungary. Hematite gemstones are thought to be very powerful healing stones. They are primarily used for alleviating blood-related disorders, especially when combined with the powers of bloodstone, one of the most popular healing stones available today.

·        This is a useful stone for improving your skills in subjects such as mathematics, argumentation and debate, or problem-solving.

·        Hematite is thought to stimulate the absorption of iron and in turn, improve the supply and circulation of oxygen in the body. Hematite is also used for the relief of fever and pain from cramps. It is considered to be a grounding stone that has a cooling and calming effect. Mentally, it is thought to help calm the mind and clear the way for enhanced focus and concentration.

·        Hematite is also an important stone for Chinese 'feng shui'. In feng shui practice, hematite is used for its protective force and for its ability to energize its wearer. Overall, hematite is an excellent gemstone for mental, physical and spiritual healing.

“As soon as the Hematite crystal stone touches the skin, you'll feel more centered and calm with its intense but subtle vibrations.”

·        Because of its high iron content, the Hematite crystal stone meaning is associated with the ancient Greeks who used powdered Hematite to make a red pigment. Because of its intense blood-like shade when mixed with water, the Greeks named it 'haima,' the Latin word for blood. 

·        Hematite is also excellent for healing the body because it cleanses the blood and supports circulation, making it a must-have in your healing crystal tool kit. Use its warm, energizing vibes to jumpstart a sluggish nervous system and infuse your energy centers with a sense of newfound strength.

·        Hematite crystals are a great option to introduce into your life if you feel that you are having trouble grounding yourself in reality.This might mean an overactive imagination, persistent feelings of anxiety, or difficulty progressing in your career. It promotes logical, practical thinking, which is the foundation for all great ideas.

·        It is also a surprisingly wonderful stone for relationships, since its ability to ground you in logic and practicality will prevent the flights of fancy that cause problems in some relationships!

Genuine Hematite does not have magnetic properties.

The best way to know if your Hematite is the real thing is by streaking your Hematite on porcelain. It can be a porcelain plate or a porcelain tile. If it’s real Hematite, it will have a red streak. If it’s not, it will streak gray.

·        Hematite healing is often used as a means by which to protect against negative influences – be that through the actions and unkind words of others, or through the means by which we can so often fall afoul of our own ways of sabotaging ourselves.

·        There’s a rock steady energy to hematite that helps to soothe anxiety and promote a healthy kind of confidence – never arrogant, but always quietly assured in its own conviction. We could all use a little more of this from time to time.

·        Especially, if you are a natural empath, this stone can be used to help prevent you from taking on too many of the energies of others, or likewise losing yourself to the problems of others and their needs. Your needs are important too, and you are within your rights to fulfill them for yourself.

·        Make sure to carry a piece when you go to a job interview, a meeting with your boss, or a promotion or tenure appeal.

“Placing hematite around your house is a great way to dispel negativity, especially if you have the sense that your home is in the path of some sort of negative energy.”

·        Many people living in cities feel that the “vibrations” of the city disturb their home, making them feel nervous and stressed.

·        Placing hematite near doorways or windows (ideally over the door and on the windowsills) will purify the energy that is entering your home.

·        This also applies if, for whatever reason, the “energy” of your house itself feels wrong.

·        Many people who believe that their houses are haunted by traumatic memories would benefit from placing some hematite in the house to “suck out” the residual negative energies.

“From a spiritual and emotional perspective, hematite is a good stone for fostering gratitude for what you have.”

“Appreciating what you have in the here and now is one of the single healthiest things that you can do for your mind and spirit.”

Hematite, Love and Relationships 

·        When it comes to interpersonal relationships – whether romantic, familial, or just friendly or social – this is the perfect stone for keeping you far away from “drama.”

·        While some people seem to attract fusses like magnets, hematite will repel all that unnecessary, negative, attention-seeking behaviour.

·        Of course, there are other kinds of hematite healing you can gain from using this stone to help you in love too.

·        For example, you might find from time to time that you cave in to your partner’s demands despite a small voice of intuition saying that you should try things your way.

·        Before you know it, things have gone awry, both of you are upset and you can’t help but think that your notion may have avoided all that aggravation and embarrassment.

·        Hematite can help you to connect to the moment, ensuring that you can lovingly inform your partner that you’d feel a lot better if they tried tackling a certain situation your way.

·        When you speak from this position of clarity and confidence, you can’t help but really sell your vase, so to speak, in a strong yet compassionate way.

·        Of course, sometimes things go wrong no matter what you and your lover do. In moments like this, the stable energies of hematite will help you bond in these moments, instead of finding that you drift apart or grow resentful for them.


·        Hematite is rather soft and it also has a brittle tenacity.

·        Caring for hematite should be similar to that of opal or apatite.

·        Avoid the use of steamers and ultrasonic cleaners.

·        Do not use any harsh chemicals or cleaning fluid, especially bleach or acid.

·        You can clean hematite using warm soapy water and a soft cloth. Be sure to rinse well to remove any soapy residue.

·        Always remove any jewelry when engaging in vigorous physical activity, such as exercise, sports or household chores.

·        When storing hematite, it is best to store it separately from other gems and jewelry. If possible, wrap it in a soft cloth, or place it in a fabric-lined jewelry box.



The info on this site is for information purpose only. Please see your doctor or healthcare professionals before starting any alternative treatments/programs. It is recommended that the product be used with due care. The product which results in variation of shade with every usage and add unique characteristics to the product.

The benefits are derived when used genuine Hematite and placed appropriately.


Note: Before you buy any gemstone, please refer to Video to get the best idea of its Cut, Color & Clarity

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Haematite - 17.2 Carat Fine-Quality HMT-17533

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Haematite - 10.23 Carat Fine-Quality HMT-17525

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Haematite - HMT 17523 (Origin-Brazil) Prime - Quality - MyRatna

Haematite - HMT 17523 (Origin-Brazil) Prime - Quality

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Haematite - HMT 17521 (Origin-Brazil) Fine - Quality

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Haematite - HMT 17519 (Origin-Brazil) Fine - Quality

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Haematite - HMT 17517 (Origin-Brazil) Fine - Quality

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Haematite - HMT 17515 (Origin-Brazil) Fine - Quality

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Hematite - HMT 17504 (Origin-Brazil) Fine - Quality - MyRatna

Hematite - HMT 17504 (Origin-Brazil) Fine - Quality

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Hematite - HMT 17501 Fine - Quality

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