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Cat’s Eye - (Lehsunia/लहसुनिया)

Cat's Eye (also called Lahsuniya/लहसुनिया Vaidurya in Hindi) is a semi precious gemstone found in shades of colors like Yellowish green, Grey, Honey and. Black.

Cat’s Eye - (Lehsunia/लहसुनिया)

Can I wear Cat’s Eye  ?

Cat's Eye can be worn according to Indian astrology. Cat’s eye is the gemstone of “Ketu” Planet which is also called as Dragon’s Tail (headless lower body of planet “Rahu”).

Vedic astrology’s detailed analysis as per horoscope ascendance and birth chart are available here at : +91-9784933600

Procedure/Ritual to Wear Cat’s Eye/Lahsuniya ?

Day-Time :- Cat’s Eye should be worn only and only on the middle finger of the working hand or pendant and it should be done only on Saturday at 7:30 AM to 8:15 AM and 2:00 PM to 2:30 PM.

Metal :- Silver/Gold should be the first choice of metal which should be used for a Cat’s Eye ring or pendant. Panchdhatu / Ashthdhatu can also be used.

Weight :- Ideally, minimum weight of Lahsuniya which should be worn is calculated according to your body weight. (15 – 18 kgs of body weight denotes 1 carat)

How to Wear :- After the ring or pendant is prepared in gold/silver or panchdhatu, the procedure to wear it, should be followed as below:-  

The Cat’s Eye you own and are going to wear should have been gone through the Pran Pratishtha. After cleansing yourself wear white colored clothes and place yourself comfortably on white asan(mat) facing East. Dip your Cat's Eye(product) into raw milk, light 5 incense sticks in the name of Ketu, close your eyes and pray to Ketu Deva for receiving blessings from the gemstone. Take the gemstone out of the milk and circle it over the incense sticks 11 times chanting the mantra “Om Shram Shreem Shroum Sah Ketave Namah” ( ऊं स्त्रां स्त्रीं  स्त्रौं  स: केतवे नम: ) and clean it with water and wear it.   

Re-Charge your Cat's Eye with natural elements: Many of us wear rings and pendants with gemstones but not everyone gets the result out of them or sometimes the undesired. So, we like to share some tips to recharge your gemstones likely to keep on getting the positive results out of the gemstones for longer time.

NOTE: Take a glass bowl -> add Holy Water and rock salt ->dip Cat's Eye in it -> keep the bowl in front of the idol of Lord Ganpati for whole night ->On morning wash the stone and wear it again -> Follow the procedure every month.

Relax, if you cannot do the Pran pratishtha procedure of the gemstone by yourself, we at MyRatna will do it for you according to the genuine Vedic Scriptures at no cost.

To revitalize the gemstone dip it in salty water for 1 hour in every three months and again wear according to the above mentioned time.

Cat’s Eye Benefits:-

  • Completes hindered works
  • Helps in Cancer Treatment
  • Improve Financial Conditions
  • Recover Lost Wealth
  • Restore Memory
  • Restart Closed Business

What Will I Gain by Wearing Cat’s Eye?

If due to disease, depression or unhealthy habits, the physical appearance of your body has gone down, the cat’s eye gem is believed to build back the physical body. It also helps in healing from cancer. It helps to relieve mental anxiety cause by depression or sadness. It also helps to dissolve stress. Wearing a cat’s eye gemstone helps in recovering lost wealth. If your business is closed for a while, wearing a Cat’s Eye can restore it back.

Price of Cat’s Eye (per carat / per ratti)

  • Cat’s Eye price per carat depends upon Weight (carats/ratti), Treatments and Quality (Cut, Clarity and Color).

NOTE: The high quality Cat's Eye have clear moving thin line on it that moves smoothly and fluently.

  • Natural Cat’s Eye price in India is between rupees 1,000 per carat to rupees 10,000 per carat and above.
  • For Astrological benefits, the quality is dependent mainly upon the moving thin line with proper color and cabochon cut.
  • While it is absolutely normal and acceptable, as per the current industry standards, to have some minor inclusions present in a natural gemstone. 
  • Cat’s Eye stone prices per carat can be converted into Lehsunia stone price per Ratti by multiplying it by 0.9 (so, Rs 1000/ct = Rs 900/ratti).

NOTE : Prices may vary according to the scope of availability of the rough in nature and market as well as Government Policies.

Cat’s Eye Quality:-

Because of the striking resemblance of the stone with the eye of a cat, it is named Cat’s Eye. The occurrence of this design is mainly because of the presence of unique white lines on the surface of the gemstone which resembles the reflection of light. 

Mainly three things (3C’s) are considered while deciding quality of astrological Cat’s Eye namely Cut Colour and Clarity. The gemstone should have a smooth surface with no spots or inclusions. The color of the gemstone should be uniform with purity. For astrological purposes, the cut & shape of the gemstone is not considered. Only neatly polished & round surface are considered for ornamental purposes.

According to the latest technological advancement the Science of Symmetry is followed by MyRatna to harness all the natural benefits of the gemstone.

Cat’s Eye Stone Product Specifications:-

Cat’s Eye commonly known as Lahsuniya is basically a corundum mineral species gemstone which comes in different colors such as Yellow, green, brown and combinations. Colour variety in corundum is basically due to the presence of iron. 

Cat's Eye Product Properties:-

Chemical Composition :- BeO  Al2O3.

Color :- Chatoyant, body color usually yellow, green, brown or combinations.

Cause of Color :- Iron. 

Crystal System :- Orthorhombic.   

Crystal Habit :- Tabular, cyclic twinning. 

Hardness :- 8.5 on Moh’s scale. 

Specific Gravity :- 3.71 - 3.72. 

Refractive Index :- 1.745 - 1.754 (spot 1.75).

Inclusions :- Needles, canals, short tubes parallel to the vertical axis of the crystal.

Locations :- India, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Burma, Madagascar.

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1. Best Place to Buy Cat’s Eye?

Main points you should consider to finalize buying place.

The organization should have a larger presence across the market. Small dealers will prefer to fool you by selling treated or synthetic Cat’s Eye at the price of a genuine one. Larger organizations care about the brand and avoid unethical practices.

Lab Certification:- Ensure that the certificate provided with the gemstone is from an authentic or government certified lab. The organization should also provide a certificate of a reputed lab of your choice (if required).

Catalogues:- Do check the catalogues available online on different websites to buy Yellow Sapphire.

Refund Policy:- Read the refund policy (if any) carefully. Every authentic astrological gemstone purchase should have a refund policy.

Please visit for more.

2. Which Cat’s Eye Gemstone Should I Buy?

  • Ideally, minimum weight of Lahsuniya which should be worn is calculated according to your body weight. (15 – 18 kgs of body weight denotes 1 carat)
  • Preferably it should be of high clarity and pure in color with thin line on surface that moves smoothly and fluently.
  • It shouldn't be chemically treated. 
  • Ceylonese Cat’s Eye is considered to be the best Cat’s Eye for Astrological purposes.

3. What is the Substitute for Cat’s Eye?

Any gemstone which is used as a substitute of Cat’s Eye is never as astrologically effective as a Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye. Quartz Cat’s Eye (much cheaper gemstone) is widely used as a substitute for Cat’s Eye gemstone.




Cat’s eye gemstone commonly known as:

Hemvaiduriya, Keturatna, Vidooraja and Vidalaksha, baal surya, vidur 

·        Vaidurya mani(Sanskrit)

·        Lehsunia (Hindi)

·        (Kannada)

·        Billour (Marwari)

·        (Gujarati)

·        Enulahara(Arabic)

·        Sootramani (Bangla)


Cat’s Eye is a precious gemstone, a variety of mineral chrysoberyl which is the third hardest natural gemstone. According to Vedic Astrology it represents the shadow planet Ketu and bestows copious benefits to its wearer. The color of a fine Cat’s Eye ranges from golden-honey to mint-green with rich golden hues being valued the most. This phenomenal gemstone is widely desired due to its attributes and properties. India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Russia and South Africa are the top production sites of Cat’s Eye in the world.


·        It provides greater awareness and restores memory.

·        Cat`s Eye harmonizes Ketu(the descending node) Associated with 10th, 25th and 50th anniversary.

·        Cat`s Eye the Lucky Chrysoberyl Gemstone is considered lucky gem for all those are born under number 7 because it is ruled by Ketu and those born on 7th, 16th and 25th of any month are overseen by this number.

·        Cat’s eye is the dearest gem to those who love to gamble or regularly participate in speculative activities and games of chance as it is said to bring luck.

 “Cat’s Eye is most advocated gem for risk takers and adventurers.”

·        It can, in the form of talisman, provide psychic protection and ward off the effects of evil eye.
Harmonizes Ketu(known as “tail of the dragon” ) planet helps an individual evolve and adapt through diverse experiences.

·        It soothes the pain that is associated with life’s gritty lessons.

·        It assists in detaching from unhealthy mundane attachments. 

·        Shields from bad reputation, rivalries and scandals in life.

“Liberation, asceticism, non-attachment, healing, enlightenment and hidden wisdom.”

·        Anyone can freely wear Cat`s Eye in reference to Ketu.

·        Cat`s eye can also strengthen the Sun which is badly placed in the birth chart.

·        Cat`s eye acts quickly and should be worn accordingly.

·        Wearing a good cat`s eye makes one wealthy, healthy, strongly determined, knowledgeable, and gives good children, happiness in relation to children, and protection from enemies.

·        It is beneficial to achieve psychic powers and aids one to have better perception.

·        It helps one who is inclined to practice witchcraft.

·        It is believed to protect one from hidden enemies and keeps one from imprisonment, intoxication, and drowning.

·        It ushers courage and power to earn.

·        It is beneficial to prevent unforeseen setbacks and accidents.

·        It is very helpful for persons having genetic diseases or problems.

·        Genetic diseases can be reduced and eradicated by wearing cat`s eye stone.

·        Cat`s eye is very helpful for hardworking children/students as it enables them to get fruit good result of their work.


·        The name Cat’s Eye of the Cat’s Eye gemstone is coined because of its band of light which if displays and moves when the gem is tilted, resembles to that of the eye of cat and also caters to its denomination in Hindi: Lehsuniya.

·        Considered equivalently powerful as Blue Sapphire because of the tendency to bring immediate changes in the life of the wearer.

·        Most sought after gemstone for people involved in all kind of risky vocations.

·        The Cat’s Eye Effect is known as Chatoyancy.

·        CHATOYANCY: An optical phenomenon as seen in certain minerals as a narrow band of movable wavy or silky sheen reflected light, which changes its position as the gemstone is turned.

·        Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye has the most strongest  and well defined chatoyancy.

·        The world’s largest chrysoberyl is known as “The Eye of The Lion” discovered in late 1800s in Sri Lanka weighs considerably 465carats.


·        Its naturally hard, durable gemstone that is tough to scratch and chip. To keep it in its original condition:

·        Cleanse by using warm soapy water and a soft brush.

·        Avoid prolonged exposure to excessive amounts of heat, household chemicals, ultrasonic cleaners, and steam cleaners.

·        Always store in a fabric-lined box away from other jewelry items in order to avoid scratching.

CAT’S EYE - Various Perspectives

§  Feng Shui :

·        Imparts excellence when placed on the desk of student particularly during examinations.

·        Vitalizes the mind and enhances concentration.

·        Harmonizes the bonds and creates harmony in rooms where frequent conflicts occur.

·        The placement of Cat’s Eye in south-west corner of bedroom is recommended to enhance love and romance.

·        For income, wealth and monetary upliftment, south-east area is preferred.

§  CHAKRA HEALING : Represents Crown and Solar Plexus chakra.

“Promotes positive thoughts and induces harmony.”

§  SPIRITUAL BENEFITS :The energies of planet Ketu helps in spiritual advancement, primarily as a religious seeker or evangelist.




·        Cat’s Eye rebuilds the physical body that has been marred by abuse s;uch as unhealthy habits, diseases, depression etc.

·        Relieves mental anxiety caused by inability to express desires because it dissolves stress.

·        It stimulates the positiveness in mind.

·        It is believed that Cat’s Eye chrysoberyl assists in healing from cancer.
It transmits the hottest cosmic ray: infrared

·        It help in incurable diseases like paralysis and cancer.

·        Beneficial for digestive complications, skin problems, and allergies.

NOTE: Make sure to purchase a bright, clean and flawless Cat’s Eye to appreciate all of its benefits.

·        Protects from unknown enemies, hidden dangers and diseases.

·        The infrared cosmic rays associated with Cat’s Eye gem makes it very hot in nature.

·        If it does not suit the wearer, the gem sometimes gives instant signals like uneasiness, restlessness etc.

·        The cat’s eye gem is believed to build back the physical body that has been damaged by abuse (of any kind – unhealthy habits, disease, depression etc.). 

·        It is a gemstone that is believed to help in healing from cancer.
Disinterest in food, anorexia can be helped by wearing a good Chrysoberyl cat’s eye.

·        Cat`s eye stone is helpful in curing diseases like mania, paralysis etc

§  Energy Healing and PSYCHOLOGY

·        Cat’s eye relieves from unknown fears that are responsible for keeping  a person crippled and hesitating from taking positive steps for oneself.

·        Enhances concentration and the ability to learn as it assists the wearer in aspiring for excellence.

·        Also it promotes peace of mind, coherent thinking and increased self-confidence and helps one to realize the fact that they have everything they already need to achieve success.

·        Imparts discipline and self control. 


·        Wearing a cat’s eye gemstone is believed to help in return of lost wealth and also assists to restart a closed business.

·        It attracts fortune for businessmen and people engaged in speculative endeavors like horse racing, gambling, stock exchange etc.

·        Beneficial for politicians in making revolutions.

·        Cat’s Eye benefits the professions that require innovativeness such as Writers, scholars, film directors, engineers, poets, peace loving persons, doctors, scientists, architects, printers, judges, meteorologists, pharmacists producing new drugs and those involved in dealing with liquids.

·        It assists those involved in spirituality, philosophy, hypnotism, meditation and in writing and speaking and those in cinema, acting, producing films, painting, dance, music, sculpting and astrology will benefit in their respective fields.


·        Proven positive influences of Cat’s Eye on human nature ushers positive attributes in relationships.

·        It enhances the virtues of co-existence.

·        Fosters nurturing, healthy and satisfying relationships.


·        Overcoming fears: combine Rudraksha or Pearl and yellow sapphire.

·        Chrysoberyl Cat`s Eye may be preferably set in gold or silver and to be put on a Wednesday/Saturday, an hour after sunrise, when the moon is waxing in the lunar month.

·        It may be worn on the Little/Middle finger of the right hand. 

 (Please note: Information on this web site is thoroughly researched and collected from internet websites, books etc followed by adequately curated presentation . And  is no substitute for consulting a health care professional. All information contained on this web site, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments, is for informational purposes only. Please see your doctor or health care professional before starting any alternative treatments, diets, supplements or exercise programs.)




Note: Before you buy any gemstone, please refer to Video to get the best idea of its Cut, Color & Clarity

MyRatna Collection

Cat's Eye - CE 10533 (Origin - Ceylon) Prime - Quality - MyRatna

Cat's Eye - CE 10533 (Origin - Ceylon) Prime - Quality

Wt.(Carats) 4.45
Price/Carat 2298
Total Price 10228
Ceylon Cat's Eye - CE 10660 Prime-Quality 2.86-Carat - MyRatna

Ceylon Cat's Eye - CE 10660 Prime-Quality 2.86-Carat

Wt.(Carats) 2.86
Price/Carat 1328
Total Price 3799
Ceylon Cat's Eye - CE 10643 Prime-Quality 3.86 Carat - MyRatna

Ceylon Cat's Eye - CE 10643 Prime-Quality 3.86 Carat

Wt.(Carats) 3.86
Price/Carat 1328
Total Price 5127
Cat's Eye - CE 10547 (Origin - Cylone) Limited - Quality - MyRatna

Cat's Eye - CE 10547 (Origin - Cylone) Limited - Quality

Wt.(Carats) 3.18
Price/Carat 1811
Total Price 5764
Cat's Eye - CE 10598 (Origin - Cylone) Prime - Quality - MyRatna

Cat's Eye - CE 10598 (Origin - Cylone) Prime - Quality

Wt.(Carats) 5.37
Price/Carat 1305
Total Price 7009
Ceylon Cat's Eye - CE 10641 Prime-Quality 5.4 Carat - MyRatna

Ceylon Cat's Eye - CE 10641 Prime-Quality 5.4 Carat

Wt.(Carats) 5.4
Price/Carat 1328
Total Price 7173
Cat's Eye - CE 10616 (Origin - Cylone) Limited - Quality - MyRatna

Cat's Eye - CE 10616 (Origin - Cylone) Limited - Quality

Wt.(Carats) 4.39
Price/Carat 2656
Total Price 11662
Cat's Eye - CE 10537 (Origin - Cylone) Rare - Quality - MyRatna

Cat's Eye - CE 10537 (Origin - Cylone) Rare - Quality

Wt.(Carats) 3.13
Price/Carat 6641
Total Price 20787
Cat's Eye - CE 10526 (Origin - Brazil) Fine - Quality - MyRatna

Cat's Eye - CE 10526 (Origin - Brazil) Fine - Quality

Wt.(Carats) 2.66
Price/Carat 531
Total Price 1413
Ceylon Cat's Eye - CE 10638 Prime-Quality 3.74 Carat - MyRatna

Ceylon Cat's Eye - CE 10638 Prime-Quality 3.74 Carat

Wt.(Carats) 3.74
Price/Carat 1328
Total Price 4968
Cat's Eye - CE 10578 (Origin - Africa) Fine - Quality - MyRatna

Cat's Eye - CE 10578 (Origin - Africa) Fine - Quality

Wt.(Carats) 4.92
Price/Carat 774
Total Price 3807
Cat's Eye - CE 10593 (Origin - India) Fine - Quality - MyRatna

Cat's Eye - CE 10593 (Origin - India) Fine - Quality

Wt.(Carats) 2.72
Price/Carat 774
Total Price 2105
Cat's Eye - CE 10507 (Origin - Cylone) Rare - Quality - MyRatna

Cat's Eye - CE 10507 (Origin - Cylone) Rare - Quality

Wt.(Carats) 1.32
Price/Carat 6110
Total Price 8065
Cat's Eye - CE 10618 (Origin - Cylone) Limited - Quality - MyRatna

Cat's Eye - CE 10618 (Origin - Cylone) Limited - Quality

Wt.(Carats) 4.56
Price/Carat 2922
Total Price 13324
Cat's Eye - CE 10617 (Origin - Cylone) Limited - Quality - MyRatna

Cat's Eye - CE 10617 (Origin - Cylone) Limited - Quality

Wt.(Carats) 4.44
Price/Carat 2656
Total Price 11795
Cat's Eye - CE 10615 (Origin - Cylone) Limited - Quality - MyRatna

Cat's Eye - CE 10615 (Origin - Cylone) Limited - Quality

Wt.(Carats) 4.57
Price/Carat 2922
Total Price 13354
Cat's Eye - CE 10607 (Origin - Cylone) Prime - Quality - MyRatna

Cat's Eye - CE 10607 (Origin - Cylone) Prime - Quality

Wt.(Carats) 3.8
Price/Carat 1305
Total Price 4959
Cat's Eye - CE 10604 (Origin - Cylone) Prime - Quality - MyRatna

Cat's Eye - CE 10604 (Origin - Cylone) Prime - Quality

Wt.(Carats) 3.61
Price/Carat 1305
Total Price 4711


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