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Dynamic Gem-Therapy

Gem therapy
  • Synchronic Effect - Win yourself back forever.
  • 100% error free accurate approach.
  • Tap into your hidden and secret powers.
  • Amplify the potentials of your suitable gemstone.
  • Remove energy blockage and freely receive the divine benefits.
  • True results.

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Gemstone Jewellery Designs

Natural and Certified Gemstones

Colored gemstones have always been regarded as the source of bringing health, business, peace, prosperity, and happiness. They are believed to remove all the negative energies, influence human fate and destiny. With an online Collection of 10000+ Natural Lab Certified Gemstones a huge customer base, Myratna has become one of the most trusted names for Accurate Gem Recommendations and Certified Gemstones.

Gemstone Jewellery

MyRatna offers Astrological designs for Gem Jewellery along with the option to customize as per the taste of the customers from Start to Finish. Choose from Dreamy diamonds or beautiful Natural gemstones that would shine on every occasion.

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Gemstone Jewellery Designs

Customized Gold Jewellery

We also offer customized and designer Gold Jewellery. Select from available designs & call us to book your order as per your requirements

Customized Jewellery

Diamond Jewellery

You can also select from our range of customized Diamond Jewellery and contact us to discuss and made one for you.

Custom Diamond Jewellery

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Gemstones Certified By

GRS GemResearch Swisslab
Mewar Gem Testing Laboratory
International Gemological Institute
Gemological Institute of America
Gemological Institute of India
Pangem Testing Laboratory
Indian Institute of Gems & Jewellery

About Us

MyRatna offers a huge variety of precious and semi-precious authentic Lab Certified Gemstones, Gem Rings, Pendants, Bracelets and Brooches at best prices. We have combined a rare handicraft of customized jewelry in all possible forms- rings, pendants, bracelets and brooches.

We are located in one of the most beautiful parts of hilly India - UDAIPUR which itself has a name for its natural beauty and craftsmanship around the world. We make sure to use the best of that craftsmanship in your Gemstones Rings, Pendants, Brooches or Bracelets.

At MyRatna, our motto is to offer the best quality Astrological Advice along with Natural and Original Gemstones to give our customers the maximum benefit which they are looking for with the help ancient Science and to strongly establish the faith of our customers in thousands of years old Vedic Astrology.

Through our 5-step Quality-Check process, we make sure that each gemstone ordered from MyRatna is 100% Original, Lab Certified, Cut through the science of symmetry and offers maximum Astrological benefits.

We also offer real time 360-degree view video of every gemstone listed on MyRatna so that you can have a proper idea of cut, color and clarity of the gem before purchasing it.

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